ERP System

TEC Mold is in the process of implementing a new Enterprise Resource Planning?(ERP) system.

The integrated software systems will be used to manage the internal and external resources of our organization. These include the physical assets, financial resources, materials and human resources (or staff). ?Offering our customers better delivery,?organization and scheduling?for or both injection tooling production and for the production of plastic injection molded parts for global distribution.

Some Benefits of our new ERP system

  • -integrated business processes

  • -one central database with no duplication of data

  • -a single ‘view of the truth’

  • -easy-to-use, powerful reporting across the whole suite ? ? -and therefore the whole organization and tying all 4- ? ? ? ?factories together)

  • -the same look-and-feel across the whole system, making -training and using the ERP very straightforward.



Public micro signal

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